When Microsoft Windows bundled their software package together Paper

Published: 2021-09-12 16:10:08
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When Microsoft Windows bundled their software package together it included the default Notepad application that did not function as efficiently as what was needed for editing source code. It is true that most software development programs have a source code editor, but along came Notepad ++ that was especially designed for the development of text based code. The source code tool matched all the needs for a quick and clean editing job. This program has some hidden features that include auto-completion, bookmarking, and a hex editor, just to name a few. The advantage to this program is that it does not cost anything and is downloaded right onto your pc.

The Hidden Features of Notepad++
Line numbering which is very useful when editing configuration files and source codes.
File modification detection notification in which the program will ask give you the option override the changes or to reload the source file preventing unwanted mistakes.
Search and Replace multiple items which is especially useful when editing configuration files.
It has a FTP Browser and takes fewer resources that do not slow you down.
There twenty seven plug-ins available with Notepad++, ten of them are included in the download, including zoom in and out.
The Advantages of Notepad++
The source code editor recognizes different languages and will organize code into the proper format. It has easy to read and use especially with syntax highlighting the functions with several colors. The Notepad++ is clean and lightweight and does not take a lot of computer space to function. The add-ons available give this free program enough tools to make it as useful as any of the other programs. The plug-ins allow for multiple clipboards and Aspell for spell checking. The program supports text encoding formats like Unicode which is needed for some of the foreign systems. One of the handier plug-ins is the TextFX which will make sure your code is W3C compliant.
The Disadvantages of Notepad++
There are very few disadvantages to the program other than maybe not having all the graphics life other web designing programs. It is a basic program that makes editing much easier to read.
Notepad++ is by SourceForge.net and has been awarded the Best Developer Tool. It is easily installed and will give the developer an instant tool for quick changes especially if one is in the middle of a large web-designing project.

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