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Published: 2021-09-12 15:00:09
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First and foremost, I would like to thank our lecturer, Mr.Hasitha Sampath for his valuable
guidance and advice. His inspiration is what helped us to complete this coursework. His
willingness was what motivated us, in order to complete. He taught us the benefits of
implementing a wireless network
Besides that a whole lot of appreciation to the whole administration of Esoft for providing us
with a good environment and facilities in order to complete this coursework. You have guided
us in every possible way. And it has inspired us to work hard in this coursework
It gave us an opportunity to participate and learn about the importance of implementing a
wireless network and the usages of it. Thanks for the support that you have given us on
completing this coursework, without your help we would have to face many difficulties while
doing this.
While we perform our coursework, we have to get the help and guidelines from our lecturer
who deserves the greatest gratitude, therefore completing this coursework gives us much
Pleasure, to end all I have to say is that I express a lot of thanks to Mr.Hasitha for being there
for us and as well as being a great inspiration to us
The group members too has taken a great effort for this coursework; however it would not
have been possible without the kind of support and determination of the other two members.
My sincere thanks to them. As this was a group coursework, each member has put their utter
effort in completing this.
ESOFT is pioneer in higher education providers in the Sri lanka. Esoft Metro campus building located in Colombo.
The located building is already facilitated with a planned Ethernet infrastructure that provided LAN connectivity and the Internet connectivity to various lab environments, test centers and student rooms within the building. The management requires to improve the network by taking it to the wireless level and the project focuses on a suitable solution to the requirement.
The Esoft Metro Campuses building had 8 floors which are sectioned according to specialized educational branches and it was agreed within the team in a brief discussion, to select floor no.2,3 & 4 as the area to be covered through the solution. There were no specific reasons to choose the said set of floors and it was solely based on student’s preference as described in the assignment.
With the speedy social and economic development networks that has been progressing rapidly.
The aim of this coursework is to get full knowledge of WLAN’s and the basic processes of
designing a campus WLAN. Understanding usage patterns in a wireless local area network
(WLAN) is critical for those who develop, deploy and manage the WLAN technology. The
usage of wireless networks offer mobility and elimination of unsightly cables and utilize radio
waves or microwaves to maintain communication.
The basics of wireless connectivity has come of age, because it is considered as a viable, low
cost alternative, compared to the traditional wired technologies. The use of a wireless network
gives users the mobility to move around within a reasonably broad coverage area and still be
connected to the network. Most wireless local area networks (WLAN) nowadays use the 2.4
GHz or 5 GHz frequency band which is considered as the part of the radio frequency spectrum
that is reserved around the world for unlicensed devices
The use of technology is making rapid progress which as a result makes many things easier.
As the innovative thinking of persons is increasing day by day, new methods for wireless
networking has been.

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