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Published: 2021-09-12 15:05:10
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Women safety wearable is a device which is easy to wear bands, used for safety and security purpose which basically actives when any women is in any trouble or in difficult and unsafe situation. The stretch belt that is connected to android application using bluetooth. The belt will send stretch measure to android device in each second. The application will examine the input data and if the input data exceed pre-fixed limit then alert system will be activated and the alert system will send SMS to registered number and that SMS will contain a URL. That URL can be used to trace the location of user.When alert is activated, audio recording will be started in android device for 2 minutes and that audio file can also be access through that URL. Problem Summary & Problem Specifications: As we studied and surveyed about the previous women safety device we found there were some problems which needs improvisation which are as follows – In previous system the location is sent that was not being tracked it will send only location of that movement which is not be. So, between that duration of time period victim can be in more trouble and can be taken to another location. Due to complicated in construction and heavy weight this device was difficult to wear in daily life purposes. So, some women who have to wear this for daily purpose it can be uncomfortable. Due to large size that device can be easily seen to the criminal and he can be easily alerted by seeing that device so no use of that device and hard to maintain. 10 As new technologies are invented using updated sensors the size and weight can be reduced and can update the device using android application. Aim and objectives of the project: We had scouted the problems in the existing women safety device and we had tried to improve them by enhancing the data which was collected by surveying the market. ? Live location tracking: Using GPRS module we added feature of tracking the location of the victim which helps in the situation if the victim is taken to another place even after then this will tract the location and send it to the caregivers. By using this device as per the user added the contact details of her caregiver’s family members or friends will receive the alert SMS which contains the URL through which live location can be trace of the place where the victim is in trouble and along with that nearby police station and hospital contact details will be also sent to them. As sensor is used and due to that less components used the weight of the device reduced and it is comfortable to wear and carry with. Due to the use of new sensors and android version of application is used this device is updated in technology. When alert is activated, audio recording will be started in android device for 2 minutes and that audio file can also be access through the URL that is sent in SMS by which the voice of that person can be detected easily. ? Stretch sensor ? Android mobile phone ? Internet Service ? Bluetooth Module ? Web Service ? Arduino Uno 14 ? Product features: – ? Live location tracking ? SMS Alert ? Provides nearby police station details ? Provides nearby hospital details ? Components: – ? Android mobile phone ? GPRS module ? Stretch sensor 18 ? Bluetooth transmitter ? SMS service ? Customer revalidation: – ? Offline services ? Platform limitations ? Reject, redesign, retain: – 1. Redesign: ? Offline service approach is taken under consideration because internet may not be available at some places so this disadvantage can be overcome. 2. Reject: – ? As we are currently aiming for prototype version only we are supposing to develop application for android phones only. We are thinking to enhance it in future and will be available to multiple platforms later. Fig 2.3(a) Product Development Canvas 19 4. Empathy Summary Canvas ? Activities: – ? Live location tracking ? SMS Alert ? Provide nearby police station details ? Provide nearby hospital details ? User: – ? Women ? Girls ? Objects: – ? Android Mobile Phone ? Stretch Sensor ? Bluetooth transmitter ? Internet service ? Scouted Challenges: – ? Android Programming ? Make Device Hidden ? Accuracy ? Automated Alert System ? Security ? Cost ? Top 5 problems: – ? Security ? Cost ? Automated Alert System ? Make device hidden ? Android Programming 20 ? Exact Problem: – ? Android Programming ? Security ? Cost Fig 2.4(a) Empathy Summary Canvas 21 Chapter 3: System Design ? Fig 3.1(a) : Block diagram of the system 22 ? Fig 3.2(a) : Pin Diagram 23 ? Fig 3.3(a): Use case Diagram 24 ? Fig 3.4(a): Activity Diagram 25 ? Fig 3.5(a) : Sequence Diagram: 26 ? Fig 3.6(a): Class Diagram of System 27 Chapter 4: Data Dictionary ? Table 4.1: Data dictionary of user table Field Name Data Type Size Constrain Description UID Varchar 5 Primary Key Define unique key for each row Password Varchar 50 Not Null Define password for login Email-id Varchar 50 Not Null – FName Varchar 10 Not Null First name of user Lname Varchar 10 – Last name of user Mob_No Integer 10 Not Null Mobile Number of user Pass_code Integer 10 Not Null Passcode to login into system Last_lat String 10 – To store last known location Last_long String 10 – To store last known location 28 ? Table 4.2: Data dictionary of near_by_service table Field Name Data Type Size Constrain Description Name Varchar 10 Primary Key Define name of nearby details Address Varchar 100 – Define address nearby details Contact Detail Number 10 – Define contact details of that service Latitude Varchar 10 Not null Define latitude of the service Longitude Varchar 10 Not null Define longitude of the service Tag

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